China Cranberry News from the Cranberry Marketing Committee USA




Based on the success of the previous in-store promotion held at Citysuper in June, 2013, a second cranberry in-store promotion was launched at Citysuper, Shangai from February 27 to March 5, 2014 featuring dried cranberries, juice, and health supplements, as well as cranberry breads and cookies. The Cranberry Marketing Committee’s (CMC) China representatives arranged a demo station which provided free product samples and displayed a newly printed U.S. cranberry recipe book.

Sales figures from Citysuper show that the promotions have led to significant increases in sales. Dried cranberries, cranberry juice, and cranberry baked goods were the top selling products. Compared to the same period in 2013, total sales of cranberry products increased overall by 452 percent  Citysuper’s premium location, high level of foot traffic, and upscale customer base all contributed to the success of the in-store promotion.

CMC China also arranged for Yu Fei, the famous food blogger, to conduct a cranberry cooking class on March 2 in which consumers learned how to make Cranberry Napoleon and Cranberry Sago. Following an introduction by Yu Fei, ingredients were distributed to participants who competed to see who could make the best dish following Yu Fei’s guidance. All participants received dried and frozen cranberries, while those that created the best cranberry dishes also received additional prizes. Participants had more opportunities to win prizes by answering trivia questions about cranberry production areas, harvest methods, and health benefits. A total of fifteen consumers directly participated in the activities, while seven more gathered to observe.

Regarding the two recipes, Yu Fei explained, “I created the Cranberry Napoleon and Cranberry Sago to pair with afternoon tea in the spring. Cranberries have a tart and tangy flavor, which balances other ingredients. Its red color endures baking, and it is has great health benefits such as anti-aging.”

Several positive comments were also received from attendees. Said one, “The consumer recipe book looks good and I would like to learn by myself to make more cranberry recipes referring to the detailed cooking methods.”

Prior to the offline promotion, Yu Fei and CMC China published posts about the cranberry promotion on their official Weibo social media accounts (the Chinese version of Twitter), which have a combined total following of 139,005. Yu Fei’s Weibo account has 131,645 followers, and he is the author of the newly published book entitled Mobile Kitchen. CMC China had previously invited him to do a demonstration of cranberry sushi at a COFCO offline promotion in July, 2013. 


2014 marked the second year for U.S. cranberries as an exhibitor at Food Ingredients China (FIC), China’s largest food ingredient trade show in Shanghai.  From 25-27 March 2014, CMC China hosted a booth conveniently located on the corner of one of the main aisles near the U.S. pavilion.  Foot traffic was high and the booth attracted a lot of attention with visitors crowding around to sample the dried cranberries, cranberry juice, and even frozen cranberries floating in water.  Compared with the 2013 FIC show, CMC China representatives were able to observe an increase in the overall awareness of cranberries among visitors.  The 2014 FIC show was a great success with several major manufacturers having expressed interest in creating new products using U.S. cranberries.  

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