2016 Cranberry Friendsgiving Photo Contest Winners Announced

The scores have been tallied and the results are now in – the Cranberry Marketing Committee (CMC) announces eight $500 winners for its 2016 Cranberry Friendsgiving Photo Contest.

In 2016, entrants had the opportunity to submit their favorite cranberry-inspired images based on drink, décor, food, and five regional categories. Additionally, due to the growing interest and participation in the contest, the number of prizes and awardees more than doubled from the one grand-prize winner in 2015.

America reacted positively to the revised contest format and submitted more photos than ever before – taking their love for this versatile berry to a whole new level. Not only did the CMC diversify submission categories, as well as increase the reward, but also teamed up with foodie and lifestyle bloggers Melissa Johnson of Best Friends for Frosting, Carlene Thomas of Healthfully Ever After and Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess to further inspire consumers with unique recipe/décor ideas.

“This year, we gave contestants more chances to show off their cranberry creativity and they really took advantage. We received more than 600 high-quality entries in just two months,” said Michelle Hogan, Executive Director of the Cranberry Marketing Committee. “We are always thrilled to see the passion people have for cooking and decorating with all forms of cranberries!”

Entries included drinks such as “crantinis” and cranberry-vanilla milkshake swirls; inventive food dishes like cranberry-filled donuts and cranberry pizzettes; and dazzling décor items from cranberry jewelry to napkin rings.

Given the very tough competition, and even tougher cuts, the winners of the 2016 Cranberry Friendsgiving Photo Contest are:

  • Friendsgiving Winner Press Release GraphicDrink – Sarah Weber
  • Food – Shauna Harvey
  • Décor – Cheryl Holsapfel
  • Central – Jean Gottfried
  • Northeast – Stephanie Perruzza
  • Southwest – Ashley Aylsworth
  • West – Pamela Long
  • Southeast – Alyssa Campbell

What Made These Images Worth $500 Each?
Submissions were judged based on taste/visual appeal or décor attractiveness, originality, creativity and social media value.

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